5 New PC Games Which Rocked the Scene in 2018 1 - 5 New PC Games Which Rocked the Scene in 2018

With Indie a game being on the spotlight nowadays thanks to the amazing creativity and innovations in gameplay with storytelling techniques that most of the indie studios use in their games.

Now we finally made indie games something to talk about, and in 2018, we were filled with amazing and unique experience that surrounds indie games and provides us with fantastic elements.

Today, the website gathered some information, and we are going to look at the most interesting and fun video games of last year.


Behind the team of Towerfall, they deliver this incredible and fun experience that is available in all the famous consoles (Switch, Playstation, Xbox and of course, PC) where we face a series of creative puzzles to the objective of reaching the top of the mountain.


Let’s drive in this 2D platform game that possesses some great action elements. Something that worth mentioning is that it was made in a period of seven years, and the game is THAT good, but it plays in a more traditional Metroidvania style, something that most fans love to see nowadays.

Just Shapes and Beats

If you are like me, you love local co-op and, with the arrival of online connectivity, most of the titles that include local co-op are vanishing, but Just Shapes and Beats is an incredible reminder of these type of game still exist and are awesome. A unique rhythm experience with basic controllers so everyone can play, highly recommended for playing it with a friend this 2019.


SubNautica gives us the pleasure of exploring and scavenge an unknown ocean from a distant planet filled with dangerous creatures that would make everything to end you. So you must survive and be prepared for all the kinds of monster that you’ll face in your adventure.


If you are looking for a genuine experience in your Playstation 4 (or PC) Then Moss is the perfect game for you, while it manages to be an incredible platform game, the main center of the game is the ability to play great puzzles with the help of this little mouse

The scene of indie games has never been so great, and with this titles being released and played this year, we just can’t wait for the next year