man typing on his laptop - Become a Writer

Infiniverse Game is a page that started as a hobby and has become almost another job for me, but I love it. Thanks to all those who have subscribed and visited the site, making constructive criticism and putting their cents to grow.

Practically you have become like a family because with many of you I have contact and we can talk about hundreds of common topics, whether video games, computers, whatever and never get bored because we really have the same tastes.

But I had the idea of being able to give back to all of you that support and affection that you have given to the page or to my person. Time flies and constantly you make this page grow much more, and I thank you very much because the website has become part of me.

Now you can write your own articles on any specific topic related to computer games, cell phones, and more about technological innovations, which will be published on this website so all visitors can read it.

It’s something that will benefit you a lot because you will be able to learn how to manage a page, how to write articles, for all this, you can contact me and I will give you different tips to improve in this, and also gives the opportunity to make yourself known. I hope you like this idea and join it.