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My name is Noe Barron and I’m passionate about technology. It’s my thing since I started using a computer, as video games are also something that fascinates me since I started playing Mario Bros and things like that. When you work on something you like, definitely isn’t work.

I finished my career in computer engineering, and I would like to continue doing other studies related to the development of video game creations and other platforms. The experience gained in the university has also helped me to expand my knowledge.

That’s why I wanted to create this website where you can find the best of these two worlds, especially computer games and cell phones, something that has become vital for a lot of people.

This was a project that I had in mind to develop in the future and thanks to you I did it a long time ago and it has grown in a way that I still cannot believe the reaction it has generated.

When something really likes you so much, doesn’t really become a duty, that’s why this web it’s a pleasure for me, I love answering anything you want to know, upload new information, help you with whatever you need and that some are interested in this specific topic and learn through what I upload.

Here you will learn a bit of everything, even if you don’t have any idea about these things, don’t worry, the information that will be constantly rising will help you understand everything more easily.