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I have owned my Xbox One for 3 years. It had never given me any issues except a few weeks back when some friends visited for a gaming session.
My console suddenly died while I was playing FIFA 21.
We waited for a few moments, then turned it on again. It shut down again within 20 minutes.

My colleague looked at the system and suggested it might be because the Xbox was enclosed on my TV.

The console was taken out and placed next to the TV. After a while, the device cooled down.

This fixed the problem with my console. However, other issues could also be causing the pain.

I will also discuss other ways to keep your Xbox from shutting off infrequently.

Make sure your Xbox One doesn’t overheat.

To determine why your Xbox One switches off, you must first check that the device is not overheating.

This is especially true for consoles stored in closed spaces, such as a TV cabinet or other enclosed spaces.

Your console may be overheating if it feels hot to the touch, even after it switches off by itself.

Many new electronics come with failsafe protocols to prevent overheating and other problems that could break your system.

This can be solved by moving the console to a larger area. Also, keep the environment clean around the console. Dust can cause problems with your Xbox One’s cooling equipment.

If the console continues to turn off even when placed in a well-ventilated area, then there may be an additional issue that is causing it to shut down prematurely.

Power Cycle your Xbox One Console

You can fix specific issues by draining the system’s power and restarting your console. This is called a “power cycle.”

First, turn off your console and take out any cables. It would help if you held the power button down for a few seconds to drain any remaining power while the console is turned off.

After waiting around 2-5 minutes, plug in the cables and turn on your console.

Wait for the device’s home screen to load before turning on the controller.

If the device does not work after a power cycle, move to the next step.

Verify your power supply

The Xbox uses an external power source, making it easier to determine if there is a problem with the power supply.

You can test the power supply with another Xbox One or bring it to an electronics store or gaming center to have it tested.

If your power supply stops working, you might have to buy a new one, preferably an officially supported power supply.

Read on to find other solutions if you think something other than the power supply is the problem.

Keep checking for software updates.

The possibility of your system not being updated correctly is another issue, though it’s rare.

It won’t usually cause your system to shut down, but it could sometimes.

You can update your device online or download an offline update.

Let’s examine both of these methods.

Via Offline – Update

Before you do an offline update, here are some things you should know:

Computer or laptop connected to the internet
A Flash drive that can store at least 8 GB. (NTFS Format)

You will need to download the OSU1 file for updating and save it on your flash drive.

Extract the file after downloading it. Then, copy the $SystemUpdate file to the flash drive.

During this process, ensure that no additional files are on the flash drive.

Now we can update the Xbox.

To begin, first, open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. To do this:

Turn off your console, and unplug the cables for 30 seconds.
Connect the cable again, and then press and hold for 15 seconds the Pair’ and Eject’ buttons on your controller.
You should hear two tones that sound like the power-up sound. After the second tone, release your buttons.
Open the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter, and you’ll see an option to perform an offline system update.

Plug in your USB stick and launch the update file. After a few moments, the update should be successfully installed on your Xbox One.

Via Online Update

To update online, turn on the console and press the Xbox button from the home menu.

Choose ‘Settings from the Profile & System screen.

Navigate to the ‘System’ tab, click on Updates & Downloads, and choose ‘Update Console.

The device will automatically download the most recent updates when your console is connected.

Go back to “Updates and Downloads” before you leave. Select “Keep my console updated” to have your console automatically updated with any new updates.

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Another power outlet?

Also, power outlets could cause your system to go down. It can happen for many reasons.

The power outlet may not function or provide enough power to your console.

Try switching to a different outlet to see if the problem is solved. The power outlet should work in most cases. However, if it doesn’t, it could be a problem with the voltage.

Contact your local electrician to have the problem checked, and a solution found.

Clear Some Persistent Store

You could also have unnecessary storage on your Xbox One, which could cause your Xbox One to turn off constantly.

This is called persistent data in the Xbox. It usually includes cache data to allow apps and games to run smoothly.

But, more than many cache files can lead to problems.

Follow these steps to get rid of this data.

Once you’re on the Home screen, press the Xbox button.
You can click on Settings’ from the â€Profile & System’ screen.
Click on Devices & Connections, then click on Blu-ray.
Select ‘Persistent’ and go to ‘Clear Permanent Storage.’

Once you have done this, restart your Xbox One. You can then continue your Xbox One.

Modify your settings to disable the automatic turn-off

Next, check your system settings to see if you have automatic power-off enabled for your console.

Press the Xbox button and from the ‘Profile & System’ screen, navigate to ‘Settings’>>’General’>>’ Power Mode & Startup.’

You can click on Options and choose “Turn off After” to see if the device has an automatic timeout.

To stop your system from shutting off suddenly, you can select the Don’t Turn Off Automatically’ setting.

Perform a System Recovery on your One Console

You can also perform a system reset on your device to solve your problem.

To do this, click the Xbox button on your controller, and from the ‘Profile & System’ screen, go to ‘Settings’>>’System’>>’Console Info.’

From this screen, click on “Reset Console” to access two options for resetting your console.

Try the “Reset and keep your games & apps” option. This will reset your system’s original settings but preserve your app data.

You can try a ‘Reset and Delete Everything’ if the problem persists.

This could be because of corrupted files from apps or games on your device.

Please wait for it to be selected and then for the complete reset. It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

You can now check that everything is working correctly after the reset, and the console has restarted.