The 4 New Games to Play in 2019 - The 4 New Games to Play in 2019

With the year 2018 being a mass success for most of gamers thanks to the many incredible titles that have been featured in this year and how they changed the state of modern gaming in how incredible they are, from indie games to triple AAA video game companies the games that we receive this year where incredible, and is time to take a closer look at what was the best.

Since most consoles have their own exclusives and they are rather good, we are going to take a look at the best video games for PC that were released past year and how amazing they are.

Metro Exodus

If you already played Metro 2033 and love it, you must play then their continuation, Metro “Last Light” and, if you are like me and already beat both games, then you are for a treat because Metro Exodus not only is the best sequel for these games but has an amazing potential that was never reached from their previous games, is a must play for hardcore fans of the saga.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

The anticipated AC game for this year it surely delivers all the expectations that fans had, and completely renovate the franchise with new elements and features that are still being praised, is definitely a must play for this year.

Dark Souls 3

While it might not be as difficult as the previous entries of the saga, Dark Souls 3 still delivers that eerie atmosphere that made the original games so known for, and even goes a step further and gives incredible and scary boss battles that are extremely frustrating, just as every other dark soul game.


Our first entry in what is a totally online game. And overwatch is definitely a great option if you are looking for a great PvP action and excitement, with great characters to choose from and every one with a new and interesting ability, Overwatch is definitely a great option for any online video game.

With these four titles, you can spend the year battling and gaming as you should be, and enjoy the incredible matches that you might have in these games.

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