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Roblox is one of the most widely used and popular online gaming platforms. You can chat live and make friends around the globe through this gaming platform. Roblox has seen a rise in popularity because of this.

Through this, many gamers make new friends and add other gamers to their friend lists.

Roblox allows you to add Gamers from other countries, or even the same country, as friends.

It allows gamers to play multiple games with other players, which expands their gaming horizons.

Roblox can be played across multiple platforms, including Xbox One, 360, and Playstation.

Roblox-Xbox Cross Platform: How to Add Friends

Roblox-Xbox offers three ways to add friends.

Use the Username

Use the Gamertag

You can add friends to a game directly.

Add friends using the Username.

Edge allows gamers to browse the web and add Roblox-Xbox friends. The edge architecture is chromium-based, making it a modern browser that Xbox console owners can use.

These are the steps to browse and add friends in RobloxXbox.

Step 1. Step 1. Open Roblox’s webpage in Microsoft Edge.

Step 2. Step 2. Sign in to Roblox using your Roblox account.

Step 3. We will open the Roblox profile to invite friends.

Step 4. Sign in and make a profile.

Step 5. Type in your friend’s username in the search bar.

Step 6. While typing the name, you will get multiple new suggestions.

Step 7. Click on “In People”

Step 8.  All people will be displayed in the search results.

Step 9. Click on the “Add friend” button in your friend’s account.

Step 10. Once they accept the friend’s request, they will be added to your friend’s list.

Now you can select your friends to play online anytime.


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Adding friends using the Gamertag

When you log in to Roblox App on XBOX, you can choose between GamerTag or Roblox profile. Sign in to Roblox and complete all profile details.

These are the steps to add friends in Roblox-Xbox by using the gamer tag.

Step 1. To access the “XBOX Guide,” press the XBOX button on the controller.

Step 2. Click “People” and then “Find Someone”.

Step 3. Just fill out the Lookup field with the Gamertag’s information.

Step 4. When doing a search, make sure that the Gamertag is spelled and formatted correctly.

Step 5. To add a profile, choose it by hitting the “A” button.

Step 6. Select “add buddy” to link your XBOX Live account with the other person’s.

Step 7. If you add another gamer and they don’t add you back, you’ll appear as a follower instead.

Step 8. If you accept the Gamer, your friend list will include the Gamer’s name.

Step 9. To make it simpler for your friends to remember who you are, you can make your real name visible to them by selecting “Friend or Favorite” and then “Share my real name.”

Step 10. You can play any game together on Roblox if the other player has accepted you. Press the “A” button on the controller to select the profile to add.


Add Friends directly to a Game.

Popular games like “Adopt me” allow players to add friends directly within the game. Both gamers must be on the same server to add friends.

The XBOX player should first join the server. After that, the Gamer should follow. Both players can join the game simultaneously.

Both players’ chances to press the Play button simultaneously increase dramatically if they enter the same server.

To add someone to your friend list, hover over them and hit the right button/trigger. You’ll then see the “Add player” button in the menu. Click on it to send a request.

You can view all the current players in the “Players Tab.”

This list will include all Gamers. Click on any Gamer to see their inventory. Once the Gamer accepts your request, the Gamer will be added as a friend.


Roblox’s popularity can be attributed to its cross-platform nature. Roblox is loved by people of all ages and allows players to find others with similar interests around the globe.

This connectivity is possible across all platforms where Roblox can also be played. This blog will discuss how to add Roblox Xbox friends.